Akaya Photography

Akaya (uhk-eye-uh) comes from the meaning of being optimistic and spontaneous with the use of philosophy in all shapes and forms, while being expressive and inventive in ALL forms of ART.

My name is Amanda Emerson, the owner of Akaya Photography. For many years I have enjoyed photography as a hobby and I can honestly say that it's a dream for this to be my career and growing business. My photography captures the emotional and artistic style of the "capture of the eye" moments. I like my client's to participate in what their needs and desires are for their photo session, as well as working along with my professionalism. I strive for excellence with the hard work and effort that I present to my clients, while fulfilling my client’s expectations with confidence. In this industry, I believe photographers need to be unique with their style and social with their clients and my priority is to make sure my clients are satisfied with the work that I present to them and with the overall experience.

Akaya Photography specializes in outdoor natural lighting photography. Akaya Photography offers a wide range of photography such as Senior, Modeling, Family, Children, Fashion, Business, Commercial, Artistic and Celebrations such as Birthdays, Parties, Engagements and Wedding Portraitures.

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